04 October 2011

Mommy the Turd Hunter


Let's start this post off by saying POTTY TRAINING! Okay, now that I've got that out of my system we can move on. The other day I said that I was quitting with the potty training until Trey turns 2. His birthday is the 5th of November. That's a little time for us to have a break with the whole business and get back into it on a fresh note. My floors and I (the cleaning lady) have had ENOUGH with the pee and poop everywhere. It was just getting out of hand. The next day, I woke up and thought we would give it another try. The choice to try again resulted in me getting my foot peed on and hunting a turd for the better part of the day. Being a mommy has me doing tons of things I never thought I would and not to mention while searching for the turd I was wondering to myself if I really even had any dignity at all left lol! I'd like to take a moment to address all the people who have given advice and tips for potty training. Thank you for nothing! I've tried about 75% of those tips and none of that shit has worked. I have come to the conclusion that potty training is a lot like giving birth and no two experiences are the same. With that being said, Potty Training has been discontinued until further notice. This boy is just not ready yet! Signs that's he's ready my ass! My son is obviously not ready. The moral of this post 1) Quit when you say you are so you won't get your foot peed on 2) There are no egos in potty training.

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