08 October 2011

I'm The Best to Ever Do It

Let's all take a moment to take a life lesson from rappers and their lyrics. A few of these rappers tell us they are the best. They tell everyone that will listen and we believe them. How do you know? Their shows sell out. Their products and merchandise sell millions. Fans spend hard earned money on them. Some celebrities even have clothing lines, perfumes and fans buy that stuff too. It's because they believe in them and help to support a lifestyle that is more lavish than the ones they lead themselves. Are they really the best? Who knows? Who's the "best" rapper is something that gets argued somewhere just about every day.

The point is they believe it and they make us believe it with their confidence. Let's take for instance Jay Z. If you follow rap or not you've heard the name Jay Z before and I don't want to hear your lies if you say you've never heard the name. For those that don't know his first album Reasonable Doubt released in 1996 was critically acclaimed. Critical Acclaim does not equal sales the album didn't reach platinum status until about 2002. There have been a lot of rappers that have achieved "critical acclaim" that aren't household names. The same could have happened to Jay Z. Instead of falling into the pit of unknown rappers Jay Z decided that after Biggie died he would tell the world that he was the best rapper alive. Guess what? We bought it. Then, years later following suite Lil Wayne decided after Jay Z retired (or said he was at least) Wayne told us that he was now the greatest rapper alive. They both believed it wholeheartedly and fans did too. I'm sure there is probably some rapper breathing SOMEWHERE that's better than both of them. But, that doesn't matter.

The fact is they told us they were "the best" and acted like "the best" and people believed them. This helped to skyrocket their careers. So, I ask you this: Are you the best at what you do? If you asked me you know I'm saying, "you bet your sweet ass".  I'm the best mommy, the best business owner and the best blogger. I'm going to make everyone else believe it too. Perception is reality. If you think you're the best with all you heart have confidence and conduct yourself like "the best" would eventually you become exactly that. Let's think positive and make necessary changes to become the best. It all starts with the mindset.

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