07 November 2011

Types of Friends Women Have

The Best Friend

This friendship is the cream of the crop. This is your ride or die. You would cut a bitch about her. Both of you just seem to understand each other. Usually, the two of you have been through alot together and formed a really tight bond. You can always trust her advice and talk to her about anything. Because of the fact that this friendship is almost too good to be true the best friend usually lives across the country from you.

The Good Friend aka The # 2

This is another truly good friend. You may have a few of these. She's trustworthy and loyal. She probably lives closer to you or did at one time. The two of you could even be best friends if it wasn't for the fact that at least one of you are in committed best friendships else wear. The # 2 may or may not be slightly jealous of your best friend and in the unlikely event that your actual "best friend" is hit by a bus # 2 would gladly take her place.

The Good Time Girl

This is the friend you call when you want to let your hair down and have a good time. This friend is non-judgmental and knows where all the cool parties are. You rarely talk unless it's to plan and outing. Even when you do talk it’s usually not about anything important. This friendship could evolve into a better friendship over time if you ever decide to start hanging out in the daytime when you're not both drunk.

The Snob 

This friend is usually disliked by ALL your other friends and seen as being fake. You like something about her and hang out anyways. She's oblivious to the fact that people don't like her and couldn't imagine why they wouldn't. Sometimes, you force your other friends to hang out with her. This usually ends with lots of every rolling on their part. Most of the time you are together she's complaining. She's too good for everything and lets it be known. Spending time with this friend can be exhausting because typically this type of person also has the lowest self-esteem.

The Bad Girl

You may have known this friend before she went bad or maybe you both were bad girls together. None the less this friend is hell on wheel. She fights, smokes and just doesn't give a damn! This friend is also usually broke. If she can't steal it you will probably have to pay for anything you two do together. You love her free spirit a spirit that may land her in jail from time to time. This is the one you call when it's time to kick some ass!

The Jealous Friend

This friend doesn't really like you. You have probably known each other since you were like 8. She's seen all the other friends rise up in the ranks while the two of you have merely remained acquaintances through the years. She sees your lives as a competition and you're winning. You almost hate to tell her when anything good happens with you because you can hear the disappointment in her congratulations. She pays you compliments then immediately says she is the opposite of the compliments she just gave you and she wishes she was more like this or that. This type of friendship is fruitless and toxic. You can never have a true friendship with someone that is jealous of you. They are too busy feeling sorry for themselves or wishing it was them.

The Slut

This friend is a lot like The Party Girl friend except she's a bit what do you call it? Oh. She’s what you call loose. She lacks inhibition and is fun to be around. Her sex life is alive and well.  If you go out together it's a chance at end of the night she may be leaving with a few dudes so you need to have alternate ride arrangements. She's usually a very sweet person and very giving (ironic huh?) This is the one you CAN'T leave alone with your dude. After all she is a slut you don't want to leave anything to chance.

The Drama Queen

This one is always in some shit. Falling out with friends, boyfriends etc. There is always "something" going on. She's ultra-dramatic and everything is something to her. She may be a liar because all of her stories have to be over the top and extra. She's cool because she keeps it interesting and her account of everything is always top notch. This type of friend’s stories can be juicer than an episode of The Bad Girls Club.

The Busy Friend

You haven't seen her in years the only reason you even know she's still alive is because of the Facebook Updates from time to time. The friend has no time. Between her children, job, husband or new boyfriend etc. Her friend time is minimal Life has her by the whooo haaa and she rarely has time to step outside of the Matrix. ON the rare occasion that you do get to see her it's just like old times and you always wish you could see her more.  

The Saint

This friend keeps you spiritually grounded. She prays for you and you pray together. She posts scriptures on Facebook as status updates just to remind you that God is her #1 fan. This friend may have formally known as The bad girl, the slut or the party girl. She's been saved and delivered. Now, she's a warrior for the Lord and not going to let anyone forget it. This means you probably aren't gonna want to mention to her about that joint you smoked last week.

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  • November 7, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    Omgosh, I'm a few of those rolled into one, ahhhh! Cute post though...and we need ALL of them in the posse, or it's just not right, sad but true.

  • November 8, 2011 at 12:04 AM
    Tiffany says:

    I'm not sure which one I am. My friends could probably tell you. I recognize all my friends from the list! Great post!

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