08 November 2011

Mean Words With Friends


 This post came about because the other day I was playing Words with Friends. My friend plays the word BITCH. Along with the play I was sent a disclosure notice from the friend saying, "Don't curse me out I'm just playing the game." Immediately, I panicked. I thought we already were playing the game. Does this mean people psycho analyze every word played in Words with friends?

The fact that he thought I would be offended. Should I be? Am I supposed to send a disclosure notice when playing words with friends? Is that proper game etiquette and I not known? Was it just a coincidence that he played Bitch? Did he save the letters to play that because I'm a bitch?

Do I need to look back over previous games with EVERY single friend and pick apart the word play? Will it tell me what they really think of me? When my friend played "whale" was she really just trying to say that I should renew my gym membership. I don't know? Maybe, when I played loser the other day I hurt my friend's feelings (that friend has been out of work for some time.) If I'm playing with a chubby friend and I just happen to be able to spell "fat" should I tell her I'm sorry before or after I make that play? Which would be worse me playing the word fat or the apology for the play?

How serious has this gotten???? Have people committed suicide over a game of words with friends? Do we subconsciously play what we think of people in a word game? I can't play. This is entirely too stressful.

NOT, I'm most certainly still going to play. Is everything so literal now that everything HAS to mean something? It's just a game. Consider this post my disclosure notice if you play with me it's gonna be mean words with friends. If I get a chance to play the word "whore" you bet! I'm going in. If you are sensitive don't play. After all it's just words right? Words don't actually hurt or have anyone killed right? Oh they have. My bad..........


  • November 8, 2011 at 4:05 PM
    Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, I hope that's not the case! I play nasty words all the time and I really hope people don't think I'm calling them those!

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