About Me

Blunt but in a nice way, foodie, coffee drinker, reality tv buff, toddler mommy, social media crazed, gadget addicted, businesswoman, user of sarcasm, wine lover, talker to random strangers and hater of all things chocolate (except people). I'm a hip hop maven. A person that has difficulty following simple instructions (must add.........more steps). I despise passive aggressive people. Recently, I've discovered I have a complex about eating at buffet's and right now wondering if I should have wrote this in third person or done something really fancy to impress whoever is reading this. I like to write about celebrities, entertainment, video games, music, gadgets, whatever else I can think of and being a mom for the first time. This blog is so random it should be a crime. Among other things. I am a wanna be artist and crafter which means I buy books but never make anything. I've also been told I'm funny or funny looking either way you should be entertained.


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