29 September 2011

Should it Hurt This Much to be a Fan?


If you know me personally you know that I live in Jacksonville Florida and I'm a closet fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's right! I said Closet fan. I was about 15 when the Jaguars came to town and like the entire city I was EXCITED! Who knew that over 15 years later the team that caused so much excitement for me would one day be a major source of almost weekly disappointment. With the team having a nickname like the Cardiac Cats you could only imagine what it's like to be a fan. We have a reputation of being a team that's almost okay. Well, whatever that is. The Jaguars just can't seem to get 'IT' together. When I see people that aren't from Jacksonville if they are men they typically say "what's up with those Jaguars". I always lie and say that I'm not a fan or that I don't follow football. I openly ridicule those brave enough to be Jaguar Fans in public. I do this because I'm a fan to and I'm angry about yet another loss as well. The newscasters even say things like, "if they don't do this or that it will be ANOTHER season of losses". What does that tell you? It's embarrassing that's what it is. Is it this hard to be a Green Bay fan? And, they wear a big block of cheese on their head. I'm not judging I'm just saying. People don't usually just walk around with cheese on their head.

I spoke with my mom after the game on Sunday and she said that after the loss she prayed about it and God told her that she needed to lose the Jaguars. Well, not exactly like that. She mentioned that in church her pastor had told her that she they needed to let go of anything that is causing discontentment in life. For her it's the Jaguars. 

Most of the ex-fans were one time loyal Jaguar fans that grew tired of having their hopes trampled on the verge of a win. Please don't get me wrong I'm not saying the Jaguars are embarrassing to the city we have other major issues like: crime, homelessness, the racist history, an over $350 million dollar (not a typo) courthouse being built when we have had MAJOR funding cuts for education and police among other problems.

People that think that Jacksonville is the most beautiful city they have ever seen obviously haven't been exposed to the gritty underbelly of the city. Years ago, I saw someone get murdered just trying to make a trip to the store and I wasn't in and "urban area" when it happened.  That was traumatizing. I've suffered the loss of a loved ones to violence and seen children get put in the system when they should have been given a chance. So, I think you get that this city has some issues. The Jaguars aren't helping matters. The other problems in the city can be our little secret. But, when it comes to football the whole country is watching (ironic isn't it). Please do better! I want to be able to at the very least be able to say one day that I'm a proud Jaguars fan.

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