14 September 2011

Dinner with a Toddler Heckler

I think most of us have encountered a toddler heckler at some point. Instead of shouting obstinacies these little people are sharing greetings and smiles. I’ve seen them out before even before I had a child. A joyful toddler calling me over and it never bothered me. I’ve even been touched by children before and although it was surprising. I wasn’t annoyed by it.  On my previous encounters with toddler hecklers I’ve seen he looks of frustration on the parents face because apparently they have been at it all day greeting, calling and playing with complete strangers. Now it’s me with the little heckler. When we are out at dinner or really most places not a person gets past him without him telling them HI! Not a thing gets brought to the table without him telling the waitress or waiter “Thank You” loudly. He attracts a lot of attention and calls people over to the table giving hi fives and all. Now, I’m the one with the dumb look on my face because I can’t really stop him. At 22 months he really knows how to work a room. Maybe politicians are born and not made. He is usually on fire toddler heckling at restaurants. I think his goal is to attract as many people as possible over to the table. I’m sure this is a phase and he will grow out of it at some point. I would be more urgent in trying to stop him from doing this because I’m really uncomfortable with strangers being around him and he truly does cause a scene.  I can’t help but be proud of the smiles he gets. The people that his little heckler greetings obviously made their day. I’m not sure if we get any dirty looks. I wouldn’t really notice anyways he’s not screaming and crying he just wants to say hello.  Here is a little video from him toddler heckling at dinner the other night. 

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