10 September 2011

Racially Diverse Not I said Carnival Games for Nintendo Wii

Carnival Games for Nintendo Wii quietly left off the option to be able to change the colors or shades of the characters. I must make mention that there are however black people or should I really say “a black person” in the game. This character works at the Carnival is not a playable. This game has been out for several years. I recently got it and started playing. After a few minutes I noticed you couldn’t change the color of the characters.  I looked on the internet to see if I could see anyone talking about it and didn’t really see anything. This is a problem. I’ve loved video games since the original Nintendo and that’s why this offense is terrible.  We live in a day in age where there is so much diversity. It’s beautiful to see different races and blends of people. Growing up when I would visit my grandmother she did not let me play with anything but black dolls. My mother didn’t care. So when I would visit and we would be in a store and I would try to go for the White Barbie Granny wasn’t having that. I grew up being one of the few black kids at most of the schools I went to. I grew up around different mixtures of people.  I understand my grandmother’s point. She wanted me to know that my color was beautiful and truth be told I probably had about 27 Barbie dolls and only one was black. I digress.  I am a 31 year old black woman I shouldn’t HAVE to play as a specific color every time I play.  How much does it cost to be able to add the option for character shades into a game? How did no one notice during testing of the game? I should be able to play with someone that looks like me! Shame on you Carnival Games! If you are black or really any other race that involves brown color and you’re doing a family games night don’t pick Carnival Games unless you want to be upset. This is not a racially diverse game and they wouldn’t have done it the other way around where all the characters had to be black.  Why does the only Black dude have to WORK there?  Carnival Games 2 is out and I’m not sure if the problem is fixed.  But, I’m pretty much through with them. That was offensive and they don’t get another chance with me.

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