05 August 2011

Big Brother Big Let Down


If you’re a loyal fan of Big Brother like myself and find yourself feeling a little disappointed about this season you aren’t alone.  There are a number of factors that made this season a royal let down. It’s a shame we wait all year only to discover that they decided to make a few major changes without any approval from us. I’m going to watch it because like I said I’ve waited all year but I’m not totally satisfied.  First off I was disappointed about the lack of new cast. Having new cast members are part of the allure of the show. You don’t know any of the houseguest when they first enter the house. But, you get to watch how they play the game. Each season we develop our new favorites and dislike with a fervent passion our newfound Big Brother enemies. They took that away from us with Season 13. Don’t get me wrong I’m totally #TeamJeffandJordan but I would much rather watch a reality show about them getting married or dating rather than have them back in the Big Brother house. Any of the other veterans I could care less about ESPECIALLY Brendan or as I like to call him Psycho Bren with his partner Miss Dramatic. The one thing I do have in common with them is the fact that I don’t like floaters as well. This brings me to my next point of the whole golden key business. I do not like the idea that any of the house guests were off limits. I think being able to nominate pretty much anyone for eviction makes the show more interesting.  Being given the golden key made people in the house automatic floaters. Porsche is a prime example of this.  The fact that the veterans are there doesn’t really give the newbies a fair chance. As of yet none of them have won the all-important HOH. It seems to be going back and forth between the Vets like a hot potato. I would feel differently if it was an All Star season of Big Brother, but it’s not.  Let’s stay tuned and see what happens. Hopefully they can have a few twists in the game that will make up for the major #fail or deciding not to have all new cast members.  What do you think about the season so far?

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